Tuesday, August 2, 2011


LOVE has taken on a whole new meaning this year. Not only have I fallen more in love w/ my wonderful husband but now I love the most beautiful 1 year old in the world!!!! I always thought I would love my child but nothing like I do. I finally see what people talk about when they say unconditional love.I didn't choose to love her nor did she do anything for me to make her love her but it just happened. Now I feel like I have a better understanding of God's love. I am very undeserving of this beautiful child but all I can do is Praise God that He entrusted me to raise this precious girl. 


On Aug 3rd 2010 you changed my life forever. Holding all 6 pds 10 oz of you made my heart grow double in size and it was a wonderful feeling. You take my breath away almost every single day! Your smile every morning makes life so much brighter. You make me proud to say I am your Mommy. Every milestone makes me more proud then the next. I thank God he gave me you!!
I can't wait to see you grow up. I can't wait till the day you say you Love Me. I can't wait till the day I take you to kindergarten. I can't wait till you get your 1st sticker for being good. I can't even wait till you go to the principals office for the 1st time:)(hoping there will only be 1 visit ha ha:) i can't wait till you graduate from school. I can't wait till you come home from college. I can't wait till we stay up all night chatting. I can't wait till you meet the love of your life. But most of all I can't wait till you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savor. I cant wait for you to know this amazing man called Jesus. He and He alone is the only one who has brought me to where I am and seriously could not ask for more then this. 
I want you to know I pray for you all the time. Your middle name Faith came from the faith God has given me over the years and that my faith is what has gotten me through life. I  pray God makes me the mother he wants me to be for you and that one day you will love me the way I love my sweet Momma! As I cry writing this I want you to know I love you more then  I ever thought I could and You truly are such JOY to me!! Happy 1st birthday my sweet sweet angel!!

Love, Mom

I promise I will write more soon like w/ all the monthly pictures, updates of the month 
and all the stuff about our new house. We still don't have internet at our new house so I am hoping by weekend we will be able to update w/ all kinds of pictures!


  1. happy birthday to one sweet girl! -lissa

  2. That is beautiful! God is awesome! Love you!