Tuesday, August 2, 2011


LOVE has taken on a whole new meaning this year. Not only have I fallen more in love w/ my wonderful husband but now I love the most beautiful 1 year old in the world!!!! I always thought I would love my child but nothing like I do. I finally see what people talk about when they say unconditional love.I didn't choose to love her nor did she do anything for me to make her love her but it just happened. Now I feel like I have a better understanding of God's love. I am very undeserving of this beautiful child but all I can do is Praise God that He entrusted me to raise this precious girl. 


On Aug 3rd 2010 you changed my life forever. Holding all 6 pds 10 oz of you made my heart grow double in size and it was a wonderful feeling. You take my breath away almost every single day! Your smile every morning makes life so much brighter. You make me proud to say I am your Mommy. Every milestone makes me more proud then the next. I thank God he gave me you!!
I can't wait to see you grow up. I can't wait till the day you say you Love Me. I can't wait till the day I take you to kindergarten. I can't wait till you get your 1st sticker for being good. I can't even wait till you go to the principals office for the 1st time:)(hoping there will only be 1 visit ha ha:) i can't wait till you graduate from school. I can't wait till you come home from college. I can't wait till we stay up all night chatting. I can't wait till you meet the love of your life. But most of all I can't wait till you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savor. I cant wait for you to know this amazing man called Jesus. He and He alone is the only one who has brought me to where I am and seriously could not ask for more then this. 
I want you to know I pray for you all the time. Your middle name Faith came from the faith God has given me over the years and that my faith is what has gotten me through life. I  pray God makes me the mother he wants me to be for you and that one day you will love me the way I love my sweet Momma! As I cry writing this I want you to know I love you more then  I ever thought I could and You truly are such JOY to me!! Happy 1st birthday my sweet sweet angel!!

Love, Mom

I promise I will write more soon like w/ all the monthly pictures, updates of the month 
and all the stuff about our new house. We still don't have internet at our new house so I am hoping by weekend we will be able to update w/ all kinds of pictures!

Monday, July 4, 2011

11 months of pure happiness!!

11 month old baby girl!!

Well I am a day late but My baby girls is 11 months old:( Yes that is a sad face b/c my baby girl is going to be a one year old next month. That is just crazy to me! I never knew time could fly as fast as it has. My baby is not going to be a baby soon. I mean she will always be my baby but won't be "a" baby much longer. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. But for now I will try not to think about it!!
This month has been nothing short of crazy!!!! She was extremely sick at the beginning of this month. I could tell something was wrong w/ her but I kept thinking it was her ears but twice we went to get her check her out and her ears looked normal. But one morning she woke up and could barely breath and sounded like a long term smoker. It scared me to death so back to the doctor we went to find out she had croup. The poor angel had to be put on steroids for 5 days and it got worse before it got better. Needless to say to get her to breath I was playing w/ her in a Hot Steamy bathroom at least 3 times a day. It was the only thing that really got her to breath. I pray this little girl doesn't get this again and am so glad things got better after a week. Momma can't handle her baby sick. (This is a picture of her in the hot steamy bathroom.)
Well if I thought this month flew by well I know July is going to go by even faster. We will officially be moving:) God sent us some buyers. I wish I could say we are moving to another house but for now while we are in transition we will be moving in w/ my in-laws. We are so happy we have someone who will take us in so we can patently wait for the perfect house that God provides for us. We have been looking at A LOT of houses and we thought one of them was perfect until we found out it takes 5 hours to do that yard. (it was on 2 acres of sprinkler system yard) Yep you heard me 5 hours. So Justins friend Craig asked him if he wanted to play golf every week or mow the yard. It wasn't too long till he started questioning the "perfect" house:) But we will wait and hope God provides something quickly. We will be closing on our house July 28th! Which is the week before my angels birthday. So this year her birthday will just be family. The week of her birthday will be pretty stressful trying to make the transition so maybe for the 2nd we will have a big ole party for her. 
Things I love about this girl at 11 months....
* her new and cute cheesy smile
*how fast she is crawling b/c it keeps me on my toes
* when daddy comes home now she lets out a big scream of excitement
*how she wants to eat EVERYTHING i am eating 
*how big, brown and beautiful her eyes are getting (which is the only thing she has of mine)
*some days she is miss chatterbox and i love it! she completely blows my mind w/ all her chatter sometimes. 
*love how she still lights up like a christmas tree when she sees us. It never gets old!!
*honestly I love every little thing she does! She is absolutely amazing!!!

Ok well this month is going to be a short blog b/c I am doing this all very last minute and can't recall all of the month due to all the events and how fast pace we have been moving. But again it has been a great and wonderful month and now here are the pictures of a precious girl!!

 She learned how to stand on her bumpers trying to get out and well they were gone by that afternoon! So sad to see them go!!
 Learning to crawl on EVERYTHING!! 
 Celebrating my 28th birthday w/ my hottie of a husband and wonderful friends!! 

 Sarah, Kat, Amy and I:) such a wonderful night!
 Playing at our church indoor playground!!
 She started nibbling on the side of her bed and it got bad quick! I call her my 1/2 girl 1/2 beaver!

 Yellow pockadot bikini 

 Sweet baby girl and her precious Daddy on father day! I can't say it enough he is the BEST daddy in the world!! I love him soooo much!!
Justin, Sky and Justins Dad Bruce! 
 This is how bad my little beaver girl ate at her bed!! finally got covers but she already took a big chuck out of the bed!

 Her one year molars coming in at 11 months! Poor baby girl!! 

 She is so attached to her Daddy! She wants to be doing whatever he is going I love it!

 Swinging at Nana and Papas house!

 Our friends from Granbury came in for the day to play! It was soooo much fun!
Sky, Baylor, Larin, Jack and Mailey! Precious sweet kids!! 

The 4th of July Weekend!!

 My big beautiful brown eyed Skylan! I love you more than I ever thought I could. You have brought me more joy, love and tears then I ever thought was possible. Thank you Jesus for giving me her and for you showing and teaching me something new daily. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

we have lift off w/ a 10 month old cutie:)

Happy 10 months:)
(hamming it up for her Daddy)
One cute little 10 month old!!

What an awesome 10 months it has been. My sweet girl only has 2 months till the big 1st birthday. Yikes!!!!!! I can't believe how fast time is going. She is more fun then ever and I think I love the next day more then the day before. The biggest news of the month is WE HAVE A CRAWLER:) I waited 9 1/2 months for this special moment and it sure was special. I go to bible study every Wednesday morning and this morning (may 18th) my mother-in-law was running late b/c she had over slept. But I sure am glad she did. I would have missed such a special moment in Skylans life. The best part was I got it on video so I will always know the first day. I know she will have many 1st in her life but this one was pretty amazing. By the time I got to bible study I had been crying and smiling all morning. I was an emotional wreck. In fact I broke out crying in front of all the girls. I just can't Thank and Praise God enough for blessing me w/ such special and healthy baby girl. I am just so proud. And now w/in these past few days she is pulling up on everything and walking w/ her little walker. I am not going to like it but I am pretty sure now things are going to go even faster then before:( Slow down baby girl!

Here one day!!
 The next day pulling up! (6-2-11)
Also this month was my first Mothers Day! What a wonderful and special day this was for me. Being able to hold this child God has blessed me w/ brought a whole new meaning. I also was very emotional for those sweet families that long so desperately for a child. I remember being one of those that kinda hated mothers day. I lost our first child on mothers day 3 years ago so this day was pretty hard for me. Some days I remember thinking I will never be a mother. But now I know now it was just satan telling me lies. Please believe that our God KNOWS the desires of your heart. There is hope in God and only he can give it to you. His promises are true!!
Psalm 37:4 Delights yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires your heart!!

Woke up mother day to a wonderful breakfast, starbucks and a precious card from 2 very special people!!:) Thank you babe!
So let's get into the things this month that in love about Miss Skylan Faith

* her beautiful smile
* when she crawls into my lap:) especially when she is being shy and trying to hide from people..... so cute!
* all the new words she is saying and how much she babbles
* how she lights up when she sees me
*the way she loves her daddy and the way her daddy loves her. It is so special to see him and her. 
*how she loves my singing (no matter how bad it is:)
*love love love when she says Momma

*how much she loves playing w/ other kids. She finds them fascinating
*that she likes going to play in the nursery now..... huge relief
*i know I say it every time but I honestly just love this girls to pieces!!!!!!
This month started off w/ her being sick once again. This whole month she has been running fevers off and on. Going up to almost 102 and then the next day nothing. Not sure what was going  on I called the doctor and they would always look at her ears. They say her ears don't look infected but they also don't look normal. So she has been on antibiotics twice this month. After the 1st day of antibiotics she would always feel sooooo much better so it must have been her ears. My doctor suggest we go see an ENT b/c they ran a little test in the doctors office that said she has some fluid in her ears that they couldn't see. So we are going to the ENT on june 20th. Praying God gives us a good doctor w/ surgery free solutions. Here are some pictures of her throughout the month of her being sick. I think they are so cute!!

 I was trying to get her fever down and keep her happy so this was the only way I knew how to do it!! 
 After only 15 minutes of the pool she was done and just wanted to lay down and watch tv. It was so sad but it was so cute to see her laying on her little pallet. Precious girl!

Those are sick/tired eyes!! Makes me sad!
Every weekend we have had something big going on. My parents coming down, Jack D'Andreas 2nd birthday, and memorial day weekend we went on our first camping trip to proctor lake w/ my family. It got to 111 degrees and had 20 to 30 miles per hour winds but it honestly wasn't bad at all. And I think Skylan did amazing!! We now know we could do it again!  

My sister made this from the camping weekend!
I am going to try and make this month shorter on writing although it's already getting long but a few things are.....
*Sky is doing great on formula. We made the big switch 2 weeks ago and Praise God she did great. On a side note formula is EXPENSIVE!!! 
*Our house is still on the market. Had a lot of lookers and great feedback. We have also been in the top 2 twice but they ended up going w/ the other one due to growing family. But that is OK I have more peace then ever about everything and know it will only happen in Gods timing. 
*I am reading this awesome book called "crazy love" by Francis Chan. Wow it is powerful! I am only on chapter 5 but it has made me really think about the love I have for Christ and where I am in my walk w/ Him. If you need a good, short read for the summer please check it out.
Now w/ pictures from this month!

 She loves to get out all her books
 This one just makes me laugh:) She had a mashed frozen mango and it got stuck to the roof of her mouth and was so cold and she didn't know how to get it out! Of course I helped her but I had to take a picture first!
 I never post pictures of Reeces anymore but she got stuck under our deck so I had to fish her out w/ food. I looked forever for her and she never made a sound!
 Look at all that drool!
 waking up to this girl is priceless:)
 Her friend/boyfriend Owen sure likes to love on her

 Papaw feeding her in the front yard
 She is getting so fast and she LOVES the dog bowls

 first time eating spagette noodles

 Her and Sophia hanging out!

Ok ok I am done!! May was a wonderful and big month for the Johnsons and can't wait to see what God has planned the month of June:)